Enabling Social Entrepreneurship

Did you know that more than half the world survives on $2.00 a day. That adds up to millions of people in poverty.

The goal of the Social Venture in a Bag© guide and program is to empower girls to view entrepreneurship as an opportunity to develop their confidence, knowledge, and skill sets, whilst uplifting their families and communities economically and socially.

The guide is designed as a journey. Participants begin with a self analysis of their interests, knowledge, and skills, and then seek to map these assets to new business opportunities.

Having conducted a personal analysis, participants will determine the needs of their community and how social entrepreneurship can address these needs. Students will consider business creation, target customers, the business model, costs, pricing, and marketing.

Participants will additionally consider the partnerships and/or mentorship needed to enable business launch and product/service development. In the end, the hope is that participant experiences will be shared with peers and that participants will eventually serve in the role of mentorship for other young social entrepreneurs.

What to include in the Social Venture in a Bag©:

A Calculator
The Social Venture in a Bag© Student Guide (Contact us to learn more about the Guide)
The Social Venture in a Bag© Teacher Guide 
Starter Materials (Contact us to learn more and to partner with us to find the right starter materials for your market)

The guide can be used along with resources from our website and our workshops/summer camps for social entrepreneurs. We hope that as students embark on their journey that their stories will be added to the guide and website. We look forward to hearing about your journey.

If you believe in ending severe global poverty for girls through entrepreneurship, join me.