Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Venture in a Bag©

Enabling Entrepreneurship

We as a community, along with our schools, families, and friends can create bags for girls which will help them start a business and  lift themselves out of poverty--making the world a better place. In this bag, we can include a pencil, eraser, and paper which a girl may use to write stories and create drawings to sell. This will help her to make money, grow her business, and boost her confidence. Similarly, she can use a pencil to plan her business as an entrepreneur.

Building the Social Venture in a Bag©

We can also include a calculator to calculate prices and how much profit she will make over the month. A calculator would help her to count how many items to sell to generate a profit-of course, this depends on the number of people who buy from her. Hence, we can include blank business cards to advertise her business as well as spread the  word and make more people come to do business with her and buy what she produces.

She can rely on microfinance to give her small loans of money for supplies such as beads and string.

Girls can also use  a calendar to plan ahead for customers.

What will definitely impact a girl's business is a book about business for her to learn about entrepreneurship. We are in the process of developing this guide. Contact me to join this effort.

Finally, to help her start her business we can include starter materials such as beads and string to make bracelets to sell. This will also help her to begin her business and once she has enough money she can buy more materials.   Work with us to find market specific starter materials.

Did you know that more than half the world survives on $2.00 a day. That adds up to millions of people in poverty. With a business a girl can become self sufficient, attaining money which she can spend in her community. This is called shared value. She can use the money on healthcare, food, clean water, and shelter.

If you believe in ending severe global poverty for girls through entrepreneurship, join me.

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Venture in a Bag©

What to include in the Social Venture in a Bag©:

A Calculator
The Social Venture in a Bag© Guide (Contact us to learn more about the Guide)
The Social Venture in a Bag© Card Deck
Starter Materials (Contact us to learn more and to partner with us to find the right starter materials for your market)