The Make a School Bag Project My school started a Make a School Bag initiative.

This enabled us to work together as a school to provide school supplies to children in Liberia. We provided school supplies in addition to books on entrepreneurship to empower children on their future paths. Approximately, 4 schools, 5 classes students and teachers received the school supplies generously donated by the students and families of my school. How might you be able to continue to help others in need locally or globally?

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Starting a school supplies drive-Make a School Bag Initiative

One Life: Make it a Good One By Raisa

What is life? Going to work or school, coming home, doing our homework, going to our extracurricular activities, having dinner, going to sleep, and then starting the same routine the next day? There has to be so much more.

Maybe life is what happens in between those activities? The moments that you remember at the end of day. So what are those moments? Making a new friend, helping a peer or team-mate to succeed on a task, taking the time to really have a conversation with someone. It seems that what matters most in those moments is the connection to someone who you helped and who likely helped you. These moments define you as a person.

We only have one life. What matters most is how you choose to live it. These choices might include who your friends are, what you choose to read and listen to so that your world opens up, how you contribute to your school or community, your choice of career, how you will empower those around you, and how you stay true to your dreams. These choices are opportunities to create memories. The question is what you will be remembered for?

Before we answer that question, let’s determine what happens along significant points in our life? School builds knowledge as well as life skills. In language studies, we learn the power of words and feelings. In science we can discover so much about the world around us if we take the time to look. We can also marvel at what the human race has already achieved. In social studies we can learn about different cultures as well as the values of different communities and how we can use that to work together. In math we can learn about the patterns found in nature. Of course in French, we always get to travel in our minds to new lands.

When you get to University that’s when you will refine your skills and begin to take those tiny little steps towards greatness. Remember that even while at university, life is still happening. While taking these little steps, opportunities may exist to lift up others around you.

Education is only a small step towards living a good life. Another fundamental factor is imagination. Imagination allows you to create endless possibilities for yourself to follow your dreams.

Now, let’s go back to the question that started us off. How will you be remembered? Mahatma Gandhi’s words are inspiring: “My life is my message.”

Start by asking what is your special gift or talent, and how you can use that talent to help others. For example: If you have the ability to write amazing stories, use that talent to inspire through your words-Robert Munch’s Love you Forever will leave you in tears; if you enjoy biology, you can use your gift to find a cure for a disease-think of the impact of Banting and Best’s discovery of insulin; if you are determined to help girls facing gender discrimination, you can encourage and teach them how to become entrepreneurs-Jennie Kidd Trout paved the path for several determined women to study medicine; if you care for the environment, live and teach others to live sustainably-David Suzuki has certainly raised awareness of environmental challenges. Finally, let’s not ever forget the legacy of Terry Fox as well as his determination.

We only have one life, therefore everyday of our life we must live as if today is the only day and imagine as if we live forever. Every day, every moment we must cherish, for life is ever so short. Martin Luther King states that “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” How will you leave an imprint on the Earth?

As of today consider your life a book filled with blank pages. How will you fill those pages? In the end, the measure of one’s life I would think will be the number of connections you made with all those you encountered. Do you remember them? Most importantly, will they remember you? “Every life is a story; make yours a best seller.” (Quote Author Unknown)