I strongly believe that girls should become entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is someone who has their own business. If a girl starts her own business she will begin to learn how to become self sufficient--attaining capital which she can spend in her community in turn helping others. Likewise, this will help to strengthen her intellectual, her financial and emotional wellness. These girls will slowly begin to lift themselves out of poverty and the village will be impacted as well. The village will be impacted because they can spend the money in their community which then helps others and she will encourage others to start a business too. What was known as a village of poverty will become known as a self sufficient village.

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Teaching girls to become self sufficient

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship 

Empowering women through entrepreneurship Apendiwe and her neighbours in Palma used to weave at home, alone or with a few friends. But with support from Aga Khan Foundation, they opened a weaving workshop and started working together – and turned their talents into a profitable business.

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship

The Women Social Enterprise currently employs over 90 young women in seven technical trades, including carpentry, masonry, and architectural services. Most have come from poor and marginalized communities, and through the initiative have been able to earn an income and support their themselves and their families while acquiring technical skills.


Source: Aga Khan Foundation Canada