The Social Entrepreneur's Journey

Social entrepreneurship has as its objective the use of new product or service development to drive change through the triple bottom line: economic, social, or environmental change.

Through social entrepreneurship, girls can not only create steady income for themselves and other family members, but also enable those in her community to thrive economically and socially.

Products and services can be designed to meet these community needs. As community members thrive socially and economically, they can in turn share their resources with others. In this sense, shared valued or a cycle of sharing is created.

Through this personal journey, girls will learn about their values beliefs, aspirations, and goals in life. Beginning with a picture of themselves, girls will be able to future seek opportunities to help their family and community, while staying true to their aspirations and goals.

The Social Venture in a Bag© also introduces girls to the concept of sustainability so that they can consider how to empower their community while protecting their natural environment.

We view this journey as the beginning steps into a girl's future.

Case Examples

Empowering women through entrepreneurship

Apendiwe and her neighbours in Palma used to weave at home, alone or with a few friends. But with support from Aga Khan Foundation, they opened a weaving workshop and started working together – and turned their talents into a profitable business.

The Women Social Enterprise currently employs over 90 young women in seven technical trades, including carpentry, masonry, and architectural services. Most have come from poor and marginalized communities, and through the initiative have been able to earn an income and support their themselves and their families while acquiring technical skills. 

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Source: Aga Khan Foundation Canada

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