Your School Drive

How can you help? Start a school supplies or book drive at school.
These supplies and books can help a girl to learn as well boost up her intellectual wellness.
Think of the impact of a pencil, paper, a ruler, a book that you may have forgotten about, an old laptop or tablet.

Talk to your teacher at school about starting such a drive at school.
There may be other kids at your school that could support you with this drive.

Raise awareness about your drive through a club at school.
Create some posters, post to your school's website, or write a short piece for your school newspaper--anyway that you believe will create awareness.

Reach out to students to donate items: your drive can simply collect pencils, books, crayons/pencil crayons, old laptops/tablets or one that involves the creation of a school bag. The key is to be creative, reach out and think of who can benefit from your drive--maybe girls in the community, in your province/state or girls elsewhere in the world.

The possibilities are all there.

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Starting a school supplies drive

The Value of a Pencil
A pencil, something that is constantly forgotten, it's value not recognized. But think of how a girl who doesn't have anything, how she will be impacted by this tiny object. With a pencil a girl can do wonders such as: writing, numbers, or even drawing the world around her. She can express her feelings and put her thoughts on paper. She can write about adventures. A girl could calculate the amount of crops from her family's farm and the money to be collected. She can sketch and sell the drawings. The possibilities are endless-it is up to her imagination. We can help her take this first step by providing this small tool. A pencil drive can do just this!

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Starting a school supplies drive

A Forgotten Book

A book just lying around forgotten can be of value to a girl living in poverty. With every page and word a girl will be taken on an adventure. It may educate or even inspire her. So look for those gently used books and start a used book drive in your school, for girls in your city, province, or anywhere else in the world. A girl can get to know and understand the world around her and she can learn about her environment. This will likewise help to boost a girl's intellectual, emotional and social wellness. With every page, a girl is lifting herself out of poverty and taking one step closer to education.

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Starting a school supplies drive

Old Laptops and Tablets
With a laptop or tablet, a girl can download learning apps and learn even without attending school. Just think of the possibilities; a girl can download learning apps or even just use the Internet to learn about her environment. 

Empowering girls through social entrepreneurship-Starting a school supplies drive

Making and Donating a School Bag for a Girl in Need
We as a community can make and donate a school bag for girls. In this school bag we can include a pencil, eraser, ruler, paper, scissors, and a book. With a school bag, a girl can be provided with the supplies essential for school. This will boost a girl's confidence. Your school bag drive can include any of the above donations. The goal is to fill your bag with as many tools to support girls in their journey. Something as small as a backpack can change a girl's life